We have 24 hours every day. How do you feel at the end of yours? Energized or Exhausted? Accomplished or defeated? Satisfied or _____________? The Happy Leader Method is designed to help you be your best self, so you can achieve more results and success in all aspects of your life. You can’t impact what you don’t measure. Use the calculator below to evaluate your 24 hours. When you increase your awareness, you can impact your results, and live happy!

How to use the Personal Productivity Calculator

You can evaluate 168 hours in the week OR you can evaluate your work week (ie: 40 hours). Choose which you are evaluating and adjust the weekly hours as needed.

Select each activity you complete in a day/ week and enter into the calculator noting how many total hours per WEEK you complete the activity. Once you enter the activity and hours, select which category the activity falls into. The last thing you are going to decide on is whether this activity energizes you or drains you. Think of it like this: if you spent 14 hours straight performing the activity, would you still be fired up at the end of it? Or if you spent 4 hours doing something, do you need a nap after? There is no right or wrong, no judgement. Be honest and reflect on how you feel physically and emotionally at the end of each activity. Don’t feel like you need to account for every hour; you should have open time.

Activity Hours Category Energy
Sleep 36 Sleep
Work 40 Work
Screen Time 14 Personal
  • If there are parts of work that energize you and parts that don’t, choose “Other” or enter as separate activities.
  • If you are breaking out your 40 work hours only, use the “Other” option to type in your entries.
  • If something doesn’t fill you with energy, select the deenergize option.
  • If you are evaluating your work week only, some of the evaluation charts may be limited.


Available time: 168
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Available time: 168